[Guide] Light Mage Build

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[Guide] Light Mage Build

Post by neobody on Mon Sep 08, 2008 4:59 pm

Ok, i have seen people using Light Mage in official server, and i have really tested this build out on other server private server. Below are some pros and cons.

Str & Agi = Light Armor Requirements
Int = Mage Weapon Requirements
Con = 5

1. Moderate Physical / Magical Resistance (Able to withstand all classes)
2. Strong Magic Attack
3. High Critical Rate (This would be possible if you add + Crit items)
4. Better resistance against physical Mob (Thus u can zhen better)

1. Low Hp (That won't be a problem if you +12 your EQs)
2. Expensive Build (In order to unleash your maximum potential, you have to +12 all EQ, which is costly)
3. Difficult to train up from low level
(You might have difficulties leveling at lower stage, as your attack is not as high as an Pure Int Mage.
Thus I might recommend to start up with a Pure Int Mage then restat to a Light MG)

Info: Average Hp for this class = 10K+, if you +12 all EQs. You can pk all classes pretty well.

If you are unsure of anything, feel free to PM me ingame or on the forum ^^



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