[Guide] Hybrid Axe-Spear Build

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[Guide] Hybrid Axe-Spear Build

Post by neobody on Mon Sep 08, 2008 5:10 pm

This was tested out in another Private Server, and its good.

Str as Axe/Hammer Weapon Requirement
Agi as Spear Weapon Requirement
Con = Left over stats to con
Int = 5 (can be restat to 3)

1. Can PvP well (Add Critical Items for better PK)
2. Can even level well (With the Axe skills)
3. A Pretty Moderate Build between AoE and PvP

1. Lower hp compared to other Axe Warriors
2. Lower Agi compared to PvP warriors
3. Costly (As you have to get 2 Weapon, and tons of skills)

Info: Its a tough choice choosing Heaven or Hell for this build
If you are more of a PvP-Oriented Person, then Hell is your choice
But if you are taking leveling seriously, and just PvPing for fun, then maybe Heaven might be your choice

If you are unsure of anything, feel free to PM me or Contact me ingame


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