[EVENT] Armageddon I - Supremacy =Cancelled=

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[EVENT] Armageddon I - Supremacy =Cancelled=

Post by [GM]Star on Wed Sep 10, 2008 3:21 pm

Armageddon I - Supremacy

Eligibility: Perfect World Heroes of SimplePW Server
Schedule: September 14 8PM to 10PM (+8GMT)

No level requirement.
Free for all battle.
No class/race requirement
Only 1 player should be left standing.
GM will announce start of event 30 minutes before.
At the end of the 30-minute period, all players inside the Sword City Arena automatically qualifies for the event.
The gates to the area will be closed off by summoned monsters. These will act as bouncers to prevent nuisance players.

Match will end when there are only 1 player remaining.
Signal for match start: START!
Signal for end of match: STOP!
Players cannot move or attack anyone while no signal to start the battle has been given. A player who breaks this rule automatically gets disqualified from the battle.
Out of bounds, players are not allowed to step outside the arena. If this rule is violated, player will be automatically disqualified from the tournament.
Combat pets, mounts, and flying are allowed.
Once the battle has started, all disconnected players will be considered out of the tournament. There will be no restarts.
Hitting a gm is considered a violation. Gm will only give out 1 warning. 2nd violation will cause DQ on player.
All items and skills found in game can be used. No holds barred.
Battle will not end unless 1 player remain.
Players can party up inside the area if they wish to do so. Partying may only be done in the area
GM`s decision is final.


If problems occur, GMs have the right to change the mechanics favorable to all. (Ex. postponing the event or rematch decisions.)

1. 1B Yuan
2. 50 pcs 100 Reputation Tablet
3. 10 pcs G12 Soulstones of winner's choice

Event Discussion here



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