[Guide] Werebeast Builds

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[Guide] Werebeast Builds

Post by Forsaken on Sat Sep 13, 2008 9:32 am

Now before I start, just keep in mind that I've played a werebeast up to lvl 63. So this is valid information coming from an experienced werebeast.

*All stats are represented as (con/int/str/agi)
-The Damage Dealer-

Armor: Heavy
Stat build: (1/0/3/1)

Skills: Focus completely on your melee skills starting at level 1. Don't waste one skill point on tiger skills except for the whitetiger transform. Make sure you get the HP buff as well.

Use this build if you want to lay the hammer down hard on opponents. I suggest using +Defense statted equipment in order to make up for the lack of con and physical defense. You can still moderately tank using this build. But its main focus is to do some serious damage.


-The Boulder Build-

Armor: Heavy
Stats: (2/0/2/1)

Skills: Go hybrid as far as the skills go. Use the tiger for some serious defense. Although it does lack on damage. Which is why its good to use the melee skills as well.

Use this build to pretty much be a brick wall. Make sure all of your equipment is +defense, and make sure your weapon is +attack. I recomend dropping the agility stats once you reach your weapon requierment and pump that extra stat into con.

-The Hybrid-

Armor: Agility
Stats: (1/0/2/2)

Skills: Spread them out just as the tanker build. Don't forgot your buffs.

Use this build to be a highly accurate, moderately strong damage dealer. The agility armor splits physical defense and elemental defense. It seems to focus a little bit more in the elements direction. Make sure all your equip is +physical defense. I personally wouldn't recomend this build, but its always an option if you want to try something different. It works well in pvp, especially against the magical attacks.

-If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I hope I've been able to help you guys out.
Credits to kryptic from 1PerfectWorld.

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