The Law of the Soul Society

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The Law of the Soul Society

Post by Soo-Ah on Tue Sep 16, 2008 11:25 am

Shinigami Rules 死は待つ

Clan Rules:

1. No PK as much as possible or with no valid reason.
2. Respect is earned not given.
3. Petty fight is not allowed. Sincere talk is encouraged when there is a misunderstanding.
4. No begging for promotions. Ranks are acquired only to those deserving members, so never ask for it.
6. No flooding. We are not blind and we can read it clearly so there's no need to flood us with your inquiries or emoticons.
7. Demanding attitude is not allowed.
8. No Pasaway means NO PASAWAY.
9. IGN exists. Avoid using "OI, HOY" when you want to get someone's attention, kindly call them with their respected names.
10. Never kill your clanmates
11. no freeloaders
12. you can leave the clan but no pms that you want to come back (applies for those who left without a word or no valid reason)
13. because i hate clan users

ALLIES: ChroMatic and P3XInfinity Guild

Clan Requirements:


1. Never fail to discuss our Clan Rules first before hitting the CLAN INVITATION button.


1. Level Req. 50 and above.
2. Know our RULES first.
3. Preferably Pinoy.

Kindly PM the following names if you want to join:

Soo-Ah (alt+0173 for dash) Guild Master
Genma Vice Guild Master
Ayaka Commander
Unohana Captain

BTW No one is allowed to cuddle me (for chi) except for my real life husband genma so i hope you will respect that.

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