Have a dirty little secret? Confess!

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Have a dirty little secret? Confess!

Post by Daigoro on Tue Sep 23, 2008 5:06 am

Have A Dirty Little Secret?
Cant hold it in any longer? Then confess!

1. Dont post anything gross/foul/or mean.
2. Dont post a confession about neone other than yourself.
3. Be nice, keep post within forum rules.
4. Have fun. (:3

NOTE: You dont have to post nething personal, or even true! Just have fun with it! (:3

Daigoro Posts: I confess... when i make sammichez for the poor...i dont take off the crusts! TT_TT

Puff Daddy Posts: I confess... I am mean to squirrelz D:

Jimmy Neutron Posts: I confess... Im not really all that smart! No

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