Yao Shou [WEREBEAST] Beast Kind

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Yao Shou [WEREBEAST] Beast Kind

Post by Phrozen on Fri Aug 29, 2008 2:41 pm

Yao Shou [WEREBEAST](Beast Kind)
Specialization: Melee Attacks and Transfiguration
Weapon of Choice: Axe and HammerYaoshous are creatures that opened up to the evils of the earth andas such, the creatures that used to tread the earth for more than ahundred years metamorphosed with the shape of a human being.
YaoShou are strong creatures that are often serves as the front-lineattacker on the battlefield. Its prime strength is its ability tobattle with the enemies during melee skirmishes. It mainly relies onits brute strength during attacks.
Yaoshous can bring out the inner beast in them by awakening theanimal within himself and in turn transform himself into a creature ofimmense strength.

now with the werebeast there are two relative builds (one that works and one that isn't as good, everything else is a no-no in my opinion)

now Build #1: Str heavy build:

this is a build that most people go for when they are WBs, cause they think since its a big beasty-guy they should have a lot of STR, so this is the general build:

(this is relative to lvl and equips needed)
STR: add like mad crazy, with this build all extra stat pts go here
AGI: add as needed for weapons and armor, no more
CON: add at ones discretion, STR-WBs don't really pay attention to this and add as they see fit
INT: DON'T TOUCH IT!! ever, WBs don't need Int period

Suggested Weapons/Armors:
Weapons: WB only have one choice, axe/hammers...... from observations most tend to head towards double-axes since they hit faster
Armor: Heavy, please please please don't touch anything else, its weird enough to see a WB in light armor, and one in robes is just wrong, cuase they don't need INT so this is basically what happens

its insanely strong, if they hit they will most likely kill, decent in Pvp, and are sure to win....... if they hit

don't hit very often, prone to being wounded by magic easily, and with low life tend to die quickly

now Build #2: Con heavy Build:

now this is, in my opinion, the better build, because this one helps with the WB serve its general purpose as a meat-shield, yes i just called the WB a meat-sheild, its suppriseing i got my BF to join PW by describeing the WB as such so the general build:

(this is relative to lvl and equips needed)
STR: add as necessary for armor/weapons
AGI: add as necessary for armor/weapons
CON: this is the main stat, add all extra pts to this stat, this is how you get the extreme HP to handle just about anything thrown at you, and serve the WB purpose as a party meat-sheild
INT: as stated before, don't touch it, please, just don't

Suggested Weapons/Armors:
Weapons: same as previous, Axes/Hammers..... though i've seen these guys with more the single heavy hammers, my assumption is they don't need the extra speed doubles provide cause any damage they take will be minimal to their whole life
Armor: same as previously stated, Heavy, please don't touch anything else

have insane amounts of life, even if they get hit it shouldn't be much of a problem since they have a TON of life, very strong, now so much as STR-WB but its not by much, is still likely to kill when they hit, serve their meat-sheild/uber-tanker purpose by having tons of life, decent in Pvp cause if anything else they will out last the opponant.....

magic is still a problem, but not so much as STR-WB because they have the life to last, hopefully, as previous build they don't hit that often.....

Build #1: Str-WB is kinda rediculous, they are good for soloing until all the creatures turn in to super magic-casters around 30~+ and even worse when they use

Build #2: Con-WB is my prefered build becuase, as i've stated, they serve their purpose as a meat-sheild, in the party dynamics the WB is ment to call everything to it and distract the enemy away from the magic-casters and the healers, THEY ARE NOT MEANT TO KILL EVERYTHING AROUND THEM!! that is not their MAIN purpose, that's a secondary purpose, tanks are ment to distract so the mages, WFs and any free EPs can nuke the hell outta whatever you are fighting, and so that the WRs can go in and attack without the threat of getting hit.... they're extreme life keeps them alive while taking massive damage and doing their job, with the occasional uber-damage hit when they actually DO HIT

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